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July 22, 2022


Cadd Emirates is one of the leading prokon partner in uae and middle east. Sumo is a general-purpose frame and finite element analysis software aimed at structural engineers. prokon partners in uae offers a powerful graphical modelling interface, to get the benefit of PROKON’s tried and tested analysis engine in a modern program. A properties palette is always visible, allowing to navigate model parameters like most popular CAE software.

While you model, Sumo takes care of node assignment in the background. This is a major improvement on older software where nodes had to be modified manually when changes were made to the model. The analyst has full control over the location and number of nodes through the various mesh controls.

Drawing a beam, column, or wall is as easy as selecting the beam, column or wall tool and drawing the element. Input wizards are available to speed up the modelling of common structures.

prokon partners in uae suggest Sumo have collaborated with Autodesk Revit and Advance Steel through the Prodesk add-ins. This avoids the need to remodel every time, saving much time. Prokon Sumo also supports industry-standard file formats like IFC and DWG, making it suitable to communicate with third-party software.

What makes this module special?
• Automated surface meshing
• Familiar and easy input
• BIM modelling
• Design links and design groups
• Various static and dynamic analysis modes
• Detailed analysis output
• Rich text format reporting

Modelling in Sumo is easy with the sophisticated graphical interface. Alternatively, models can be imported from Autodesk products using the Prodesk add-in or one of the supported exchange formats.

Various analysis modes are available to aid the engineer in accurately predicting structural behaviour in every situation.

• Linear
• Second order
• Non-linear
• Buckling
• Stage

• Modal
• Seismic
• Harmonic

Design planar reinforced concrete elements modelled with shells. Out-of-plane moments are combined with in-plane effects through the Wood-Armer theory to specify reinforcement. The contours can be exported to Padds or Probar 2D for details. Sumo integrates with PROKON’s various steel, concrete, and timber design modules through the design links. prokon partners in uae sell the design modules separately, allowing you to tailor your order based on your requirements.

Displacements, reactions, and forces are plotted on the elements. Raw results are available in the Grid View and can be accessed for more detailed plots using the Beam Chart feature.

With the built-in word processor, rich text format (.rtf) reports can be compiled while you work. Export the document to your favourite dedicated word processor to add the final touches.

Sumo is PROKON’s flagship analysis tool and the centre of the PROKON universe offered by prokon partners in uae. The program is a three-dimensional graphical modelling and analysis tool. Sumo performs frame and finite element analyses of structures. prokon partners in uae recommend Sumo to build 3D models of structures using physical structural components such as beams, columns, and slabs. With its grasp of industry-standard file formats, Sumo sits comfortably in the modern BIM process.

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