Microsoft 365 Security-Protect business data

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Microsoft 365 Security-Protect business data

May 16, 2021

Microsoft 365 Security-Protect business data

Protect business data.

Provide access to information for those who need it and keep out those who don’t.

43% of data breaches take place at small businesses. But this statistic doesn’t have to apply to yours. (Verizon)

What if you could offer your company a comprehensive product that combines their productivity apps with a security solution that prevents sensitive information like social security numbers or credit cards from leaking outside your business? 

With Microsoft 365, you can keep personal and financial information safe by enabling email encryption at the click of a button, receiving alerts when sensitive information is about to be shared over email, and applying restrictions that block anyone who tries to copy, forward, or saves highly sensitive business data. 

What’s more, you can reduce maintenance and management costs by replacing multiple third-party products with a single solution that lets you set up your own security policies.

Learn how Microsoft 365 gives your organization greater data protection.

Protect the accidental sharing of sensitive data! Microsoft 365 is built with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that can identify any document or email containing a credit card or social security number. This feature monitors and protects sensitive information across Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Teams, as well as desktop versions of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.Encrypt sensitive emails! Encrypt or transform content inside emails from plain text to unreadable ciphertext that can only be decrypted by the intended recipient who is given a one-time passcode. What’s more, as an admin, you can set up transport rules that define the conditions for encryption. When a user sends a message that matches a rule, encryption is applied automatically.Apply labels and restrictions to files! Microsoft 365 includes Azure Information Protection (AIP), a cloud-based solution that lets you classify and protect documents and emails by applying labels that pop up whenever a user saves the specified information. Restrictions can also be applied to email such as “Do Not Copy” or “Do Not Forward.”

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