Kitchen Display System (KDS)

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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Annoncer is  the  most  modern  and  advanced  kitchen display  system ever, designed  for  high  end  restaurants.  Never again the  sound  of  a  kitchen  printer  or  the  unreadable  scribbles  of  a  waiter  in  your  kitchen.  A new  sense  of  calm  will  return  to  the  kitchen  and  your  guests  will  benefit.  This is because Annoncer was built with a  stunning  user  interface  that  allows  everyone  to  work  with  the  system  you  will gain control of the orders and the kitchen. But Annoncer  will  do  more  much  for  you,  as  we  also interface  with  reservation  systems  you  will  now  be  up  to date in the kitchen as to who is coming for dinner, any specials that have been requested or allergen information that might be critical. Annoncer is the first system that will bring guest data directly to your kitchen! Your    wait    staff    will    also    benefit    from    Annoncer.  Communication with the  kitchen  is  now  simplified  and  streamlined.  You can now better  anticipate  on  what  is  happening  in  the  kitchen.  Your restaurant has never run this smooth before.

Annoncer is and Its award winning user interface is easy and intuitive and uses colour to help you prioritise what is really important. Your kitchen will never be the same again.



  • BETTER AND CONSISTANT QUALITY – Annoncer improves your kitchen logistics, operations and ensures a consistent performance of your team. This will not only allow you to ensure better quality, but more importantly: it enables you to provide consistent quality over and over again.
  • MORE TIME FOR GUEST & PLATE – Annoncer not only gives you better insight, but it also provides you with the most important thing of all: Time! It will help you save a lot of wasted seconds and minutes per guest, which in turn can be used for other things. With Annoncer you can focus on the things most important to you as a chef!
  • IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE – No more unreadable kitchen chits! No more communication errors! Annoncer improves your bottom line by reducing the number of mistakes. This will result in less complaints, happier guests and all in all a better return on investment.
  • MANAGE ALLERGENS & FOOD PREFERENCES – Food allergies are often considered a hassle and many chefs see guests with allergies rather go somewhere else. Annoncer makes managing your guests’ allergies and preferences a breeze. All your staff will be well informed and you will be able to confidently serve any guest. No matter what the exception is.
  • ENABLE GUEST HISTORY – The future of restaurants is all about personalized experiences. Annoncer not only aids you by tracking your guests and their preferences, but it also informs you on their past visits. You will be able to see exactly what someone ordered during previous visits.

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