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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management


  • Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai
  • Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Bodrum
  • Makarem Ajyad Makkah Hotel
  • Black Sea Resort
  • Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi
  • The Torch Doha


GuestWare is a unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Guest Experience Management (GEM) software solution designed specifically for the lodging industry to build customer loyalty. Leading hotel management companies use GuestWare at the property and enterprise level to manage guest loyalty, guest recognition, service delivery and the facility. Overall, GuestWare improves guest satisfaction, lowers operating costs, and increases revenues. From targeted relationship marketing, to transparent guest recognition, to full blown loyalty programs, GuestWare Enterprise provides the required closed loop architecture needed to succeed in the long term. Key Modules of the Guestware Enterprise system are described below. Incident Tracking Not everyone has the patience for filling out satisfaction surveys but, given the opportunity, guests will usually tell you if they experience a problem. Typically, the resolution is quick and information is recorded manually in a logbook. GuestWare Incident Tracking automates and organizes logbook information, improves follow-up and collects data for process improvement. Benefit Highlights
  • Track every guest incident and its resolution
  • Follow up on issues before the guest departs
  • Identify and eliminate recurring problems
  • Automate follow-up letters
  • Measure compensation used to satisfy guests
Rapid Response GuestWare Rapid Response improves productivity and customer satisfaction by streamlining service delivery for hotel call centers and dispatchers. Rapid Response provides a fast and reliable way for your staff to log, dispatch and follow up on all guest requests and problems. At the same time, you are building a database of incidents that allows you to pinpoint trends for process improvement. Benefit Highlights
  • Track guest requests
  • Manage and improve response time
  • Increase reliability
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Maintain consistent service
Facilities Maintenance Preventing maintenance problems is every hotelier’s goal. GuestWare’s Preventive Maintenance system helps to do just that. It provides an efficient way to plan, record and analyze the maintenance of hotel guest rooms. It provides valuable data for project planning and room renovations and makes it easy to consolidate housekeeping, general cleaning and engineering preventive maintenance under one management structure. The software ensures that each guest enjoys a clean, safe and maintenance-free stay. Benefit Highlights
  • Schedule and track room preventive maintenance
  • Manage work order process
  • Eliminate paper processes and streamline workflow
  • Installs with extensive PM and problem checklists
  • Generate reports and graphs to identify trends

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