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Telephone Call Accounting & Voice Mail

Telephone Call Accounting & Voice Mail


  • Marriott Hotels
  • Hilton
  • Accor
  • Emaar
  • Rotana

Hostech offers the complete suite of Telephony Management solution from FCS Computer System, a leading provider of guest-facing and back-end hospitality solutions for major chain hotels, mega resorts and gaming facilities with presence in over 20 countries worldwide.

The FCS solution suite consists of Call Accounting, Voice Mail, and Guest Express Services.

FCS Unicorn

FCS Unicorn allows hotel chain or owner to group various hotels with different PMS, PABX and other 3rd party systems under one roof without the worry of complex interface requirements and management. We make it easy to streamline complicated integration work.

Unicorn is a web-based application that works with any major PABX and PMS. It can be installed onsite, hosted as a private cloud for a specific hotel chain, or FCS can host the software as a public cloud solution for any hotels. Unicorn may be the first application in the world that can offer hosted billing functionalities for all kinds of services including call billing, mini-bar posting, F&B, videos, Internet, bundle billing and others with multiple-interfaces supporting other 3rd party systems for seamless integration for billing to the PMS.

When Unicorn is installed onsite for one hotel, it can support up to 30 interfaces or 10 properties within the hotel chain. Unicorn is built to be completely scalable with flexible deployment models. If a hotel decides to add more interfaces or additional properties, they can simply add another Unicorn software license on the same server to support another 30 interfaces or 10 properties. As a cloud-based gateway for universal interface, guest data and billing, Unicorn helps to simplify complex interface requirements and system management.

Some key components of Unicorn

  • Universal Interface Component (UIC): Manages all the universal interface capabilities that allows integration with multiple PMS and PABX systems.
  • Universal Billing Component (UBC): Handles all types of billing calculations and billing schemas with various surcharges and taxation models.
  • Universal Internal Interface (UII): Links all FCS systems together to Unicorn for data from the PMS, PABX and any other 3rd Party systems.
  • Mega Interface (MI): Interfaces to other 3rd party systems like Internet Billing, VOD Systems, In-Room Controls and others.

FCS Phoenix

FCS Phoenix is a SIP and analog based gateway for voice and digital messaging. It is comprised of two sub systems – Phoenix Voice and Phoenix Fax which can be implemented à la carte or as a total solution that sharing the same database with single login function. Phoenix works seamlessly with all major PMS and PABX systems, ensuring guests’ voicemails and fax messaging are handled securely and efficiently upon guest check-in and check-out. In addition, Phoenix supports real time room status updates and mini-bar posting to the PMS via the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) function.

Most importantly, the introduction of multi-property module enables the hosting of mailboxes across different properties interfacing to the same PABX on a single Phoenix server. This setup also allows database administration and printing of reports for specific properties according to different user access right. Phoenix supports most of the major brands of SIP based PABX. Voice cards for PABX are replaced by SIP software licenses which allow hotels to enjoy substantial cost saving on hardware purchase.

Some key components of Phoenix:

  • Support Multi-property: A single Phoenix system can manage the voicemail and fax for multiple properties (Available for SIP only)
  • Voicemail: Voice messages can be personalized for both guests & staff.
  • Fax Messaging: During check in, Phoenix can assign each guest with a private fax (DID) number
  • Agent Assisted VIP Wakeup: Send alerts to operators to call the VIP guests in person (Requires Amcom/Xtend console or FCS Wake Up Module)
  • Mini-bar Posting: Update mini-bar consumption via IVR to capture the revenue immediately
  • Voicemail to Email Module: Enable staff/ guest to retrieve voicemails via email beside the phone
  • SIP Interface with PABX: Support SIP interface for Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Coral, Mitel, NEC & Siemens
  • Room Status Updates Real-time room status updates via IVR to increase room turnover
  • Reports: Comprehensive reports for operation & management review

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