Collaboration solutions for construction Industry

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Collaboration solutions for construction Industry

Collaboration solutions for construction Industry

Autodesk Construction Cloud-Connected Construction: A Better Way to Build, Together

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.

Autodesk Construction Cloud is a best-in-class cloud-based construction management platform. It has solutions for workflows that span all phases of construction—design, planning, building, and operations. It removes the disconnection that plagues construction projects by dramatically increasing the depth, breadth, and connectivity of the products teams are already using today. Our goal is to help construction teams meet the world’s rapidly expanding building and infrastructure needs while making construction more predictable, safe, and sustainable.

Autodesk Construction Cloud supports predictability and informed decision-making, eliminating the root causes of uncertainty that contribute to the low-margin, high-risk nature of construction. It combines advanced technology, a robust network of professionals and firms, and powerful insights to help businesses thrive. It connects data, workflows, and teams. Connected construction is the future of construction.


    Architects, engineers, and project teams can now collaborate on coordinated, shared designs regardless of location, role, or project phase. Design development is simplified and information loss at handover is reduced with tools created for better design collaboration. These integrated tools transform designs from a concept to a detailed set of documents that can be coordinated in real time, which enhances communication and reduces errors along the way.

    • Design Authoring
    • Design Collaboration
  • PLAN

    Winning work involves more than just signing the contract. Inaccurate bid packages, inefficient solicitation processes, and subcontractor awards based on gut feel and experience can lead to lower margins and potentially disastrous results. Strong relationships between all parties drive successful project outcomes. Autodesk Construction Cloud provides a single platform for collaboration earlier in the project lifecycle. It connects teams to the industry’s online largest network of builders and provides risk analysis to help set every project up for success.

    • BIM Coordination
    • Quantity Take Off
    • Bidding
    • Qualification
    • 3D Coordination

    Construction often operates in a fragmented way, leading to uncertainty throughout the project and an inability to control outcomes. Optimize cost, schedule, quality, and safety on every job by connecting issues, RFIs, and progress between the office and field, and get valuable insights from that data with analytics and machine learning. Autodesk Construction Cloud removes siloes by supporting connections between technologies and workflows and turning project data into actionable intelligence.

    • Project Management
    • Field Collaboration
    • Quality & Safety
    • Cost Control
    • Commissioning

    Using Autodesk Construction Cloud, teams can connect BIM asset data created during design and construction to the building operations team. With that data the operations team can view models, perform work order management, and oversee maintenance checklists, schedules, and equipment servicing history. With all project teams working in a common platform, owners gain visibility into project statuses, changes, and challenges. Autodesk Construction Cloud improves visibility for owners, leading to more predictable project outcomes and more profitable projects.

    • Facilities Maintenance
    • Asset Lifecycle

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