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OpenSpace construction photo documentation

OpenSpace construction photo documentation

Managing projects with automated 360 photo documentation

How It Works


360 Photos Automatically Pinned to floor plans using AI and Computer Vision

OpenSpace Vision Engine

  • True AI/deep learning engine.
  • Vision Engine memorizes your project. Processing becomes faster with every capture.
  • Initially, processing takes 4 to 6 hours on average, which comes down to an average of 15 to 25 minutes with good walk coverage.

Speed Unlocks New Ways of Working

OpenSpace in Action

  • See beneath concrete and And behind walls –Captures are time, date and location stamped for easy navigation
  • Field Notes– OpenSpace’s patented Field Notes feature maps smartphone photos to drawings automatically .OpenSpace Field Notes integrate with PM systems like Procore and BIM 360, decreasing the time required to write RFIs, Observations, and Issues
  • Field Notes (cont.)- Field Notes can be created in the field or back in the office. Turing OpenSpace into a visual collaboration tool.  With new tags, statuses and email alerts, let OpenSpace be your lightweight issue management for items like housekeeping and safety

Procore/BIM 360 Integration

  • Embedded- OpenSpace can be launched within popular PM systems like Procore and BIM360 Field
  • Observations/ RFIs- Field Notes can be used to populate data automatically to RFIs and Observations by a few simple clicks.

Compare as-built conditions to BIM

  • Interactive Model Compare– Fly through and compare with your 360 captures, select model elements to turn off/on, hide entire groups/layers of the model tree

Factors to consider in a 360 solution

  • Speed of documenting all active parts of the project
  • Turnaround time—how quickly
    do you get your photos back?
  • Capabilities of solution: 
    • Do my employees have to manually correct position?
    • Can you walk an unlimited amount of time per floor?
  • Scalability of system
  • Learning curve—how quickly can someone be successful with the solution
  • Workflow—does it work with my other systems?
  • Cost—of both solution and labor

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