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Enterprise Information Portal

Enterprise Information Portal

Enterprise Information Portal The enterprise information portal is a single entry point for business users to access information resources seamlessly within the same user interface environment.

Enterprise Information Portals using SharePoint or other Portal platforms enables organization to unlock internally and externally stored information, and provide users a single gateway to personalized information needed to make informed business decisions.

Portal also helps amalgamation of software applications that consolidate, manage, analyze and distribute information across and outside of an enterprise (including Business.

Intelligence, Content Management, Data Warehouse & Mart and Data Management applications.)”.

Information portal uses both “push” and “pull” technologies to transmit information to users through a standardized web-based interface.

Portals provide “interactivity” – the ability to ” ‘question’ and share information on” user desktops and it exhibit the trend toward “verticalization” in application software. That is, they are often “packaged applications” providing “targeted content to specific industries or corporate functions;”

Portals integrate disparate applications including Content Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse/Data Mart, Data Management, and other data external to these applications into a single system that can “share, manage and maintain information from one central user interface.”

To access both external and internal sources of data and information, it is able to support a bi-directional exchange of information with these sources. And it is able to use the data and information it acquires for further processing and analysis.

CADD Enterprise Team , using their functional consultants works with Customer to design the portal and provide them Business value on implementing Enterprise Information portal.

The ten enterprise information portal architectural design principles are:

  • The enterprise information portal must be a collaborative e-business solutions that bridge people and knowledge maximizing investments in existing technology.
  • The enterprise information portal must leverage modular and standards based messaging and collaboration software that easily integrates with other applications and operating platforms.
  • The enterprise information portal must allow electronic access to information and collaboration technologies offering self-paced, collaborative and real time capabilities, robust tracking and management capabilities as well as seamless integration of existing technology.
  • The enterprise information portal must fit into an end-to-end IT environment and connectivity independent of platforms, PC’s and LAN and WAN networks.
  • Content within the enterprise information portal must be tailored based on location, roles, client device and user preferences.
  • A flexible infrastructure allow users to access new applications quickly and easily without disruption through the enterprise information portal.
  • The enterprise information portal must leverage state of the art integration systems and tools to provide web access to traditional applications.
  • The enterprise information portal must provide a feature rich, single user interface and integrated development environment.
  • The portal must use off the shelf components and services to deliver business functionality.
  • The information portal must be accessible via multiple client devices with differing capabilities e.g. mobile devices.

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