Benefits of Autodesk BIM Solution

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Benefits of Autodesk BIM Solution

January 25, 2022

Benefits of Autodesk BIM Solution

Why Autodesk

There is a great variety of software for design in BIM solutions. Why is autodesk software used most of the others?

Autodesk is a world leader in the field of industrial and civil construction software development. The autodesk software is sold, integrated, and serviced by 5 distributors, 110 partners, more than 70 training centers. For a long time, engineers and architects were working with a drawing board. The release of Autodesk AutoCAD in 1982 made the revolution.

AutoCAD has increased the speed of work, has made the correction process easier, and has given the designer new tools to work with external links, extract data from blocks, etc. However, numerous errors remained in projects.

autodesk software provides:

  • An in-BIM building energy analysis tool– no more “throwaway” models!
  • Fast, easy, and intuitive tools for energy performance, that can be used by designers (not just specialists anymore)
  • Cost-effective + highly accurate
  • Offers TRUE real-time feedback
  • Detailed design analysis from early-stage throughout the lifecycle

Design using BIM solution is different in a contrast to AutoCAD: You don`t just draw in 2D, you construct using realistic 3D objects – walls, columns, slabs, doors, windows – that have a lot of metadata, that is further used in the project documentation.  

Autodesk has developed a wide range of programs that work perfectly according to BIM standards, providing a complete ecosystem within the software. They have absolutely changed the idea of project development. For example, you can:

  • Make the concept of building
  • Design the architecture, construction, engineering in Revit, preparing the general layout.
  • Design the external site plan network in AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Sophisticated equipment, technological lines can be made in Inventor.
  • Can be used to verify the model and check calendar graphics, mistakes, and the progress of the construction on the iPad using the apps

All these project stages can be done simultaneously even in one file, using huge advantages of collaboration work of development groups: architects, constructors, engineers, economists, project managers, etc.

Results Proper software integration gives very impressive results:

  • Acceleration of total design process for 30…70%
  • Acceleration of individual tasks up to 300% (individual design tasks, items schedule, rooms, openings, doors tags, etc.)
  • Reduction of errors for 50…90%
  • Increase of correction speed up to 100…200%
  • Quick and correct data collaboration management


It is impossible to imagine any design and construction project without a BIM solution today. This technology has revolutionized the idea of design, opening a completely new approach to working with projects of buildings and structures during all project`s life cycles. One of the main recommendations is to use autodesk software, which provides easy integration due to links between products, quick learning of staff with courses, and prevalence in the industry.

BIM Solution Implementation Benefit

BIM Solution Implementation Result

  • Supports transparent, open workflows
  • Creates a common language for processes
  • Provides enduring project data for use throughout the asset life-cycle
  • Supports ‘best-of-breed’ solutions
  • Energizes the online product supply side with more exact user demand searches



  • Allows all project members to participate and contribute regardless of software tool
  • Allows industry and government to procure projects with transparent commercial engagement, comparable service evaluation, and assured data quality
  • Avoids multiple inputs of the same data and consequential errors.
  • Small and large (platform) software vendors can participate and compete on system-independent,
  • Delivers the product data directly into the BIM solution

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