Raster to Vector Solutions

Raster to Vector for General Engineering : VPHybridCAD software solutions offer complete automatic raster-to-vector conversion (vectorization) and a unique hybrid editing technology. The hybrid editor tools allow simultaneous access to scanned raster and vector data. You will be able carry out revisions or subsequent design work in drawing scans directly and accurately. With just a mouse click even geometric details such as lines, circles, arcs, and text become instantly available as actual elements and can be handled with CAD precision. Offering under this category are : VP Studio, VP Lite, VP Raster, VP Raster Edit, VP Index, VP View.

More info : http://www.softelec.com/

Raster to Vector for GIS : VPmap and VPmap pro provide professional interactive tools to create and edit spatial data and attribute information from scanned maps for transfer into GIS. Simply convert raster maps into vector-based maps, utilize intelligent attribute-definition functions, and add individual attributes. The VPmap Series is targeted at GIS applications, mainly to transfer scanned maps into ArcGIS (ESRI), MapInfo, AutoCAD Civil/Map 3D etc. Thus, VPmap and VPmap pro contain GeoTIFF, Shapefile SHP, and MIF support for import and export explicitly to and from any common GIS platform. Offering under this category are : VP Map, VP Map Pro.

More Info : http://www.softelec.com/